ZincFive to Provide Inexperienced Nickel-Zinc UPS Battery Cupboards for Wyoming Hyperscale White Field – Enterprise Wire

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE). Aspen, Wyo., later this year. The data center will be the first of its kind to use sustainable, nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) as its sole source of backup energy storage, complementing its commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint.

Wyoming Hyperscale strives to build sustainably operated data centers around the world that provide better access to data with less waste and greater energy efficiency. Their hyperscale data center project at Aspen Mountain will manage 30MW of critical IT load in phase one and will be the first geothermally coupled hyperscale data center in Wyoming. Measures the data center is taking to minimize its environmental footprint include liquid cooling without using water, the use of renewable energy and heat, and now the use of highly sustainable ZincFive nickel-zinc batteries.

"This project will introduce the world to cutting-edge technologies that can take data center sustainability to a new level," said Wyoming Hyperscale founder Trenton Thornock. "We are excited to leverage the environmental benefits of ZincFive's sustainable battery solution, as well as its advantages in performance, reliability and exceptional safety."

The ZincFive BC Series UPS battery cabinets are the first nickel-zinc battery energy storage solution with backwards and forwards compatibility with megawatt-class UPS inverters. Nickel-zinc technology offers a smaller footprint, minimal maintenance requirements, no thermal runaway, and the increased reliability required for mission-critical data centers. An external expert analysis has confirmed that ZincFive's nickel-zinc batteries have a significantly lower end-to-end climate impact than lead-acid and lithium batteries.

"As the importance of sustainability as a requirement continues to grow in data center backup battery systems, Wyoming is leading Hyperscale by incorporating nickel-zinc batteries into its sustainability strategy," said Tim Hysell, CEO and co-founder of ZincFive. "Our shared commitment to reducing carbon footprint and operational costs without sacrificing security or performance makes our solution a great fit for any future and current data center."

About ZincFive, Inc.

ZincFive is a global leader in nickel-zinc battery innovation and delivery, applying transformative technologies and solutions that provide the power to move the world forward with less damaging impact. With more than 90 issued patents, ZincFive uses safe, sustainable nickel-zinc chemistry in its solutions to provide high power density and performance while providing superior safety and environmental benefits. ZincFive is privately held and based in Tualatin, Oregon. Visit for more information.

About Wyoming Hyperscale White Box LLC

Founded in 2020 by members of a 6th generation family of ranchers, the company combines resources to sustainably meet the parabolic demand for hyperscale data center capacity while implementing best-in-class solutions to head on global climate change and eliminate the waste of traditional data center designs. Wyoming Hyperscale decided to transform the industry with patented and patent-pending technologies that are innovative, efficient, sustainable, and significantly less expensive to build and operate.

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