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Dory Power Portable Battery Generator

Automatic, Uninterruptible, Clean, Low-cost and long-time battery generators for backup power supply

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 / — Power outages could cause big losses for businesses and families. The commonly used portable gas/diesel generators are polluting, noisy, costly, and deadly for indoor use. In general, a portable gas/diesel generator produces more than 10 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and cost over $3 per hour use on the fuel, capital and maintenance, while the fuel tank capacity of these portable generators also limit their backup time, typically in 10-20 hours.

Dory Power, an innovative manufacturer located in Cleveland, Ohio, offers powerful portable battery generators to those who need clean, uninterruptible, low-cost and long-time backup power. The battery generators from Dory Power have no emissions during usage and are super quiet, making them perfect for indoor use. “Per hour use, the Dory battery generators only cost about $0.8 on the charged electricity and capital cost. The service time of Dory battery generators can last over 10 years, or more than 20000 hours, while a portable gas/diesel generator only lasts 1000-2000 hours”, explained Amy Young, business manager of Dory Power.

The battery generators from Dory Power are designed for fully automated backup. The Dory battery generators just need to be plugged in between a wall outlet and the electrical equipment to be backed up. The electrical power supply of the equipment will be always from the wall outlet if the grid power is available, while at the same time the Dory battery generators will be charged to full. Upon a power outage, the Dory Battery Generators will be automatically switched to battery mode, within 10 Milliseconds, to supply battery power to the backed equipment. The backed-up equipment will not shut down during a power outage. This is a superior and crucial function conventional gas/diesel generators cannot provide because their engines require lag time to boost and stabilize electricity generation. Any equipment backed up by a conventional gas/diesel generator will shut down upon a power outage and need to be restarted.

Currently Dory Power offers three models of battery generators:
• B2700 model with 2.7 kWh capacity and 2 KW power
• B5000 model with 5.17 kWh capacity and 2.5 KW power,
• B7000 model with 7 kWh capacity and 3 KW power.

These battery generators can power many electrical appliances including a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, furnace, microwave oven, computer, pump, lights, phones, etc. for a long time. For instance, using a Dory B2700 can power a common 18 Cubic-Feet refrigerator continuously for 40 hours, while a Dory B5000 and a B7000 can power the refrigerator for about 76 hours and 100 hours, respectively. Another big advantage of Dory battery generators is that several of them can be connected in series to provide more electricity for a longer backup. For example, two connected B7000 can provide 14 kWh to run the refrigerator continuously for 200 hours. If needed, the Dory battery generators can be charged with solar panel using an external power inverter.

The safety of Dory battery generators is strictly controlled at three layers of safety management. The batteries used in Dory battery generators are lithium iron phosphate batteries, the safest lithium ion battery. These batteries are also certified to the UN38.3 international safety standards through a thermal test, vibration test, shock test, external short circuit test, crush test, and forced discharge test, to ensure they are safe under extreme conditions. The battery safety is also being accurately monitored and controlled by a smart battery management system on board. Under an abnormal condition, the battery generator will be automatically adjusted or shut down to mitigate the risk. “Safety is our top priority. The Dory battery generators are built with the highest standard of quality. They are designed for plug and play, well-controlled for safety, no installation and no maintenance needed”, said Tony Lee, Technology manager of Dory Power.

Dory Power LLC, founded in 2017 in Cleveland Ohio, is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and delivering clean, safe, affordable and sustainable battery power systems for energy storage and backup power supply.

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