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Watch Tesla Megapack 15 MWh battery system being deployed on spectacular timeline – Electrek

Tesla Megapack is quickly becoming the flagship stationary energy storage battery system for utility-scale projects, and its ease and speed of installation is a big part of the reason for its success.

Here you can watch a quick installation timeline to see just how easy it is to install.

We previously reported on the Holes Bay project when we learned that it would be underpinned by Tesla’s new “cutting-edge Autobidder AI.”

It’s a new 15 MWh Tesla Megapack project to bring more storage capacity to the UK’s National Grid.

Tesla launched “Megapack” last year, and it’s the company’s latest energy storage product, after the Powerpack and the Powerwall. It’s meant as an even bigger option targeting electric utility projects.

According to Tesla, a single Megapack has up to 3 MWh of storage capacity and a 1.5 MW inverter.

The company’s energy storage business has found some success with electric utility companies through the years with its Powerpack, but the competition has been offering bigger options, and Megapack is Tesla’s answer to that.

David Arnaud, Tesla’s head of sales for energy products in Europe, said that one of the biggest advantages of the Megapack is how easy it is to install:

A lot of people ask me what makes the Megapack so unique as a Battery Energy Storage solution: one of its key features is the easiness to install it and the small footprint it takes.

As an example, he shared a timelapse video of the Holes Bay Megapack project’s installation:

Tesla designed the system to fit in a container and it simply needs a concrete foundation. Then you just have to drop the giant battery system with a crane, and voilà.

Last month, Tesla announced that it achieved record deployments of 759 MWh of stationary energy storage capacity in Q3.

The company attributed part of it to a ramp-up in Megapack production:

Megapack production continued to ramp at Gigafactory Nevada as production volumes more than doubled in Q3.

Tesla believes that its “energy business will ultimately be as large as its vehicle business.“

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