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Be it at home or in the office, we all need a constant working internet connection because our work is pretty much dependent on it. In some cases, it is impossible to have access to a consistent connection due to power outages for long hours. However, it is not much of an issue as you can easily fix it using a separate battery backup for your Wi-Fi router. If this situation is applied to your scenario, we have come up with an excellent solution for you.

Take a look at some of our picks of UPS For Wi-Fi Router:

This mini UPS unit will make sure that you enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection as you game, work, shop, or just chill out on social media at home. The circuits used in the unit are equipped with intelligent electrical safety protection. Moreover, there is a smart battery management system that ensures long operational life. This UPS from Resonate comes in a pretty good casing, which is quite rugged and built to last for a long time.

It does not feel like a heavy brick at all since it weighs just around 390 grams and packs a 45 Watt-Hours battery inside as well.

Whether you work, play or shop, the Zinq UPS ensures to keep all your activities un-interrupted and gives you absolute freedom from power cuts. This handy and noiseless UPS router boasts of high compatibility and is suitable for most digital products in the market. Its USB output is used as a normal power bank for digital products such as a smartphone, iPad, etc. This UPS even comes with Overcharge Protection and Intelligent Charging to keep the UPS as well as your router safe all the time.

Apart from that, with its 6600mAh battery capacity, the battery backup offered by this UPS lasts about 4 hours, which is pretty great considering the price tag.

Enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity with the Oakter Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router that provides up to 4 hours of uninterrupted power to your 12V Wi-Fi router. This mini UPS can ensure uninterrupted supply during power cuts and its smart mechanism seamlessly switches over to battery power once the power is cut with zero lag. Featuring an intelligent battery management system, the UPS charges itself when there is electricity.

Oakter MiniUPS is online UPS for Wi-Fi router, thus does not require switching between the two paths in case of power failure. Thus, the power delivered to the load will not be interrupted.

The Intelizon MicroUPS is yet another good option to pick in case you are looking for something that has a slightly modern design, featuring rounded corners and curved edges. On the inside, it boasts a decent-sized 25 watt-hours battery, possibly the reason it weighs 400 grams. As far as the real-life usage of this UPS is concerned, it provides a decent battery backup that lasts for about 4 hours.

It works very well with all the 12V routers and up to 2A adapters. That said, you can use it with other devices like Intercom as well.

Powered by a premium quality 7800mAh lithium-ion battery, which can provide up to 6 hours back up for your device, the Mehai UPS for Router is an ideal choice to have smart backup protection. The portable UPS offers wide compatibility with the external power source and can sustain network functionality in case of emergency situations. It comes with three stages of power indicator that shows how much percentage product is having during the usage/charging.
This WiFI router UPS is also compatible with camcorders, CCTV cameras, and so on. Weighing a mere 300gms, this UPS is extremely lightweight and is easily portable.

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