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A UPS can prevent disasters when power is lost by seamlessly switching to battery power to keep powering your devices until either main power is restored or you can safely shut down your device. So buying a UPS is the first thing to install with your computer system, especially if you don't have a general backup power supply in your home. In the event of a power failure, you would need to select a UPS that offers sufficient backup time while meeting other requirements.

Here are some of our top options for UPC for computers:

The APC-Back-UPS is an ideal backup power supply and protection for home offices, desktop PCs, home entertainment systems, Wi-Fi routers and electronic devices. It protects your digital experience from power outages and ensures a high quality and uninterruptible power supply for your electronic devices. This UPS has three Indian 2/3 pin sockets that serve as emergency power and surge protected sockets. It protects your hardware and data in the event of power outages, surges and voltage spikes.

The APC-Back-UPS has the AVR technology, which offers protection against large voltage fluctuations and is also compatible with a generator which is ideal for the Indian power state. Further add-ons of the inverter are a notification of battery failures, intelligent battery management and a regular self-test of the battery to ensure that a battery that needs to be replaced is detected at an early stage.

This efficient UPS from Zebronics is an interactive line UPS with overload protection, with which you can protect your connected device from damage costs due to overload. The UPS supports charging in sleep mode and has an LED display and an acoustic alarm that notifies the user in the event of a fault. In addition, it regulates the output voltage according to the given input voltage to provide a constant output waveform.

For devices that use a lot of power, this UPS offers a battery backup of approx. 28 minutes and for devices with low power consumption a continuous backup of 3 hours. You can therefore always rely on this backup system.

The Artis-600VA Interactive UPS offers a wide input range from 140 to 230 VAC, cold start function and generator-compatible functions that will never let you suffer. The cold start function reserves some battery even if the UPS has failed. The device's microcontroller ensures impressive performance and reliability with maximum performance. It is equipped with a high capacity battery and the processor provides a simulated sine wave output that performs better than square waves and protects computer units from shock.

The advanced battery warning function warns you when the battery needs to be charged. It also provides information and alerts you when there is a battery failure.

Microtek is a household name in the home inverter category. The Microtek Tuff Power Pro + 650VA UPS is an ideal choice to fully protect your PC. This UPS is simple, but it can protect your PC from power surges. It's very helpful and compatible with most devices.

In terms of device reliability, it is one of the most reliable devices and can handle voltage fluctuations between 140 and 300 volts. Another helpful feature of the Microtek Tuff Power Pro UPS is the extended battery life.

The Emerson Liebert iTON is a line interactive UPS. This means that it regulates the power flowing through it and adapts the voltage change itself to the connected devices. This is a necessary function that prevents voltage fluctuations. It works with a simulated sine wave, which isn't as good as a pure sine wave, but does its job quite well, especially if you don't have too much load.

The presence of the autotransformer in the UPS system protects your expensive equipment from damage in the event of strong voltage fluctuations. The battery has enough runtime to shut down your computer. The battery has a charging time of six hours.

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