Straightforward Ideas for Automobile Battery Upkeep

The battery is an integral part of your vehicle. A fully charged battery is necessary to be able to start your car and run accessories when the engine is off. Should you experience hard starting or slow cranking, it may be due to battery issues. Here’s a few tips for battery maintenance that will keep your car running great.



If you are able to park indoors it will help keep your battery out of cold weather. Cold weather has a way of shortening your car battery’s life.


Clean the Terminals

From time to time it is a good idea to remove the battery connections and use a wire brush to clean the connectors and the terminals. These parts can collect grease, oxidation and dirt, resulting in a poor connection that will surely dampen your ability to get your vehicle easily started.



There are times when you may need to put a car away for some amount of time because you won’t be using it. It is a good idea to remove the battery from the car. When it is time to put it back in be sure to use a high quality battery recharge with an automatic shut off so the charger doesn’t fry the battery.


Checking Fluids

Inside the battery is a mixture of chemicals in water. You can add distilled water to a battery toward the end of its life in order to get more time out of it. Talk to a mechanic about this process, as it needs to be done precisely.


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