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SMA America announces the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 125 kW as the ideal solution for floor-mounted projects with a 480 VAC connection. This inverter with 1,500 VDC can be connected to the grid without an additional transformer with 480 VAC. The PEAK3 125 kW is best suited for municipal solar, agricultural aggregate measurement and other large decentralized generation projects.

"This solution was strategically designed to meet the growing need for reduced installation and operating costs," said Chuck Ellis, vice president of sales at SMA America. "The Sunny Highpower PEAK3 delivers the highest energy generation and offers valuable cost savings for all large floor-mounted PV systems."

For developers and integrators of PV systems, designing systems with PEAK3 and the centralized, modular system architecture from SMA reduces the balance of system costs and speeds up installation and commissioning. In contrast to other 1,500 VDC inverters, the PEAK3 125 kW with 480 VAC output does not require an additional step-down transformer for connection to 480 VAC services. Compared to 1,000 VDC string inverters traditionally used in systems with 480 VAC connections, PEAK3 offers significant savings in inverter and installation costs.

For owners of PV systems, the PEAK3 provides the highest energy generation compared to other string inverters with 1,500 VDC or 1,000 VDC, since no additional step-down transformer is required and line losses are reduced in the entire system. By using fewer transformers and inverters, lifelong service costs are reduced by limiting potential sources of error. The centralized, modular system architecture simplifies operation and maintenance and further reduces costs.

SMA also offers the PEAK3 150 kW with 600 VAC output for even greater cost savings in large-scale PV systems with medium-voltage connections. Project owners are encouraged to speak to an SMA sales representative to determine which solution is best for their specific needs.

Message from SMA. Updated March 25th

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