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I am with lemon lover on this.
The OP should ask themselves why they want to use solar power.

Are they sure it is the best choice for them, or are they just assuming this.

From my limited knowledge, small wind is not really an option.
Not sure how big it needs to be to be viable for domestic supply. Don’t trust manufacturers blurb on this.

I have lived in the field, so to speak. Washing is essential, but not necessarily showers. Washing clothes by hand is easy. Cooking does not require electricity.
The only thing we needed electricity for was internet/laptop and phone use. You can buy small solar cells to run these and charge these small batteries. I imagine that internet surfing will be minimal if you are meditating, by your own admission a fridge is not essential. If you are growing your own herb, then shelf life may not be a big problem.

Solar electric (PV) power is not the best choice for many uses.

PV is good for low energy uses, that draw low amps. Like led lighting, radios and computers. It is not so good at running machinery, like washing machines, or heating water.

There are PV LED lights on the market for about 200rmb. There are sensors on them, and after dark they will come on if they sense a person approaching. Really good for paths to the outside toilet.

The other solar power option is solar thermal, this can be used to store the suns heat, to heat water and provide some heat. You can make solar thermal yourself. Black plastic water tanks on roofs, or using central heating radiators, painted black, in a glass fronted case.

The solar water heating systems being manufactured in China now can produce water that boils (our neighbor has this problem) because of the efficient heat exchanging systems they use.

NB A small generator, may actually have a smaller environmental footprint than solar PV, if you consider the whole life cycle from manufacture to disposal. It will also be cheaper to set up (2000rmb or less), easy maintenance. Any motorbike mechanic (plenty in Asia) can work on them. PV are thought to only be good for about 10 years, and so there is actually very little saving.

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