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LG RESU residence batteries now boast the biggest business capability at 16 kWh – Photo voltaic Energy World

LG Energy Solution, the new name for LG Chem’s battery business, released today its new line of lithium-ion batteries: LG RESU Prime. This new family of residential battery solutions have a maximum of 16 kWh of energy and a power rating of 7 kW.

What’s more, the new generation of LG RESU batteries boast modular designs, allowing for streamlined transportation, handling and installation, in addition to simplifying on-the-spot maintenance. The full LG RESU Prime lineup includes:

LG RESU16H Prime – The industry’s largest single battery, capable of housing enough electricity needed to effectively run a whole home, RESU16H Prime is a powerful and complete home backup solution. Features the world’s largest capacity as a single pack, it offers 16 kWh of usable energy that can be scaled up to 32 kWh, with the double power of 14 kW. (Available December 2020)
LG RESU10H Prime –  An ideal option for a first home battery, RESU10H Prime features enough capacity to back up critical loads during peak hours and emergencies, offering 9.6 kWh of usable energy which can be scaled up to 19.2 kWh, with the double power of 10 kW. (Available March 2021)

The LG RESU Prime line also features RESU Monitor, LG Energy Solution’s advanced remote monitoring system, enabling installers and users to remotely monitor battery conditions in real time and arming installers to proactively diagnose any issues with an easy-to-use interface.


“The LG RESU Prime family is designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers, who now rely on home energy solutions to power both their lives and careers. The shift to a work-from-home culture has highlighted increased demand for reliable energy solutions, driven by the uncertainty created from increased blackouts and the inefficiencies of aged grid systems. The LG RESU Prime offers consumers a sense of self-reliance, in an intuitive format they can scale to meet their needs” said Linh Tran, Sales Director of Residential Business from LG Energy Solution. “We are also working closely with the world’s leading inverter manufacturers to allow installation with both newly applied and existing solar systems: Single-phase or three-phase, commercial and residential, with very robust back-up capability.”

Along with the LG RESU Prime lineup, LG Energy Solution unveiled the concept design of LG RESU FLEX, an innovation of a totally brand-new concept of home battery. RESU FLEX is a flexible product that can create a battery system with a desired capacity and design by configuring battery units in various ways. Characterized by ease of installation and scalability, the product is expected to be released in the second half of 2021.

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