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A solar inverteris a tool that transforms the DC energy that it gets from solar panels into electrical energy that can be used to power your appliances. It is an essential cog in the machinery that utilizes the power of the sun.

 Established companies like Luminous offer solar inverters that offer fast charging. The power ranges from about 1500 VA to 5KW andbeyond. These inverters are specifically designed to maximise solar power and make it more efficient for you.

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We will see how a solar inverter works and which type is best suited for your needs.

 How Does A Solar Inverter Work?

 The solar PV panels on your roof absorb sunlight during the day, which is converted into DC (Direct Current) energy by electrons. This DC energy that is collected is then sent to the solar inverter. It further converts DC into AC, which is the standard current that helps run your television, lights, washing machine, and other home appliances.

A solar panel and inverter are integral parts of the solar power system. After the panel, finding the right kind of inverter is a crucial task. There are mainly three kinds of solar inverters available in the market. You must choose one that is suited for the kind of power usage you have.

 What Are the Various Kinds of Solar Inverters and How Do They Differ?

This is used by the solar PV system that is connected to the utility power grid. Under this, the electricity that the solar system produces but is not consumed by you is fed into the electrical grid. This transfer takes place through a bi-directional meter. One of the key features of this inverter is that during a power cut, it stops functioning as a safety aspect, known as anti-islanding.

However, a grid tie solar inverter does not have a battery backup system, and it will not be able to step in during a power cut. It is because of the same reason that a grid-tie solar inverter is better suited for places with little to no power outages. In case you have a normal inverter backup system already in place, this system can easily be merged with that.

The working of an off-grid inverter is similar to a normal inverter. The DC power from the solar panels charges the solar battery in the inverter. This stored energy kicks in when there is a power cut, making it the perfect back up system if your area is prone to frequent or long power cuts.

The hybrid system combines the best of both worlds from grid-tie and off-grid inverters. This solar inverter is connected to both the power grid as well as battery backup. It means that when there is no power outage, the inverter runs the appliances in your home through solar energy while charging the batteries and feeding any extra energy into the grid—the inverter switches to the battery when there is a power cut.


A solar inverter is key to harnessing solar power and is definitely the way forward. As our natural resources face constant depletion and power outages become the norm, solar energy is the answer to all our woes.

Market leaders in solar power, Luminous, offers a variety of solar inverters that are best suited for all your needs. The inverters also offer remote monitoring and user-friendly display options to make solar energy convenient as well as sustainable for you. One of the best solar inverters offered by Luminous is NXi grid-tie inverter used to run heavy loads and maximize your saving. With features like IP65 protection, Anti-Islanding protection, Wi-Fi and remote monitoring, it is the perfect addition to your solar solution. Likewise, you can check out the other selection of inverters on their website and select the one that suits you the best!

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