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When you face electricity cuts, it is crucial that you have a backup. The solution to this problem is purchasing an inverter. There are many options available that may overwhelm you. However, selecting the correct inverter and battery is the key to the backup solution for your house. To ensure that you do not have to face power problems, you must invest in the right inverter, its battery, and the battery capacity. The purpose of an inverter is to provide electricity when you face power cuts.

Luminous InverterWhen you face problems like power shortage, the inverter comes in handy. It supplies the power to the various home devices. Thus, it becomes essential to buy an inverter to fulfill daily utility demands.

You can choose a suitable inverter depending upon your requirement. Reliable brands such as Luminous provide a variety of inverters suiting your needs and offer assistance in making the right choice.

The following reasons help determine the inverter which suits all your requirements:

1. Evaluation of Power Usage

While buying any product for home, you look for a feasible option that best fits the requirement. Calculate the daily power usage at home, including appliances, that you wish to run on the inverter to know the peak load requirement of your home. It is measured in watt.  It will act as a base requirement for buying the inverter.

The power requirement is the total value of the power consumed by various electrical devices. Along with that, if the mains are switched off, then you would need to figure out the average running load on the inverter. The average load is calculated as 50%-70% of the peak load.

2. Evaluate the Capacity of the Inverter

Now, you know the peak load and average load running on the inverter in watts. However, inverters available in the market are rated in VA terms.
Generally, home inverters have a capacity of 600VA-1500VA.To convert the total load in Watt into VA capacity, divide the peak load with the Power factor. In simple terms, the power factor is simply the ratio of power required by the appliances to power supplied by an inverter. Generally, inverters are designed to operate at 0.8 pf. Now, you know the VA rating of the inverter.

3. Select The Output Of The Inverter

The inverter output range from pure sine wave, quasi sine wave to a square wave. You must invest in the inverter, which has the waveform of a pure sine wave. Waveforms depict how the inverter converts the direct current into alternating current.Luminous Inverter Official

However, it is only in case you want to run sensitive electrical appliances like television, washing machine, refrigerator, or mixer grinder. In case you want to run home electricals like lights and fans, then you can choose pocket-friendly options like square wave inverters.

Reliable brands such as Luminous provide both square wave and sine wave inverters. You can select depending upon your requirement. Calculate the power consumption with the help of the Luminous load calculator. These days, inverters offered can run heavy loads of air conditioners, petrol pumps, geysers, and others, depending upon their capacity.

4. Evaluate Battery Capacity

The source of power for the inverter comes from the battery supply. You must ensure that your inverter’s capacity is capable enough to run the home devices during power cuts or low power supplies. The battery of an inverter gets valued in Ampere Hours (Ah). For home inverters, batteries range from 100 Ah to 220 Ah depending upon the number of hours backup is required. However, the most common battery used with inverters is 150Ah.

5. Battery Selection

The purpose of a battery is to supply power for an extended period. There are various battery options such as lead-acid, flat plate, but the tubular battery is most efficient as they have a higher electrical capacity. The other features, such as the efficiency, battery capacity and the charging and discharging capacity, should be kept in mind before you invest in an inverter.

Choose the Most Suitable Option

While selecting an inverter for your home, choose the one fulfilling the above criteria or similar, suiting your needs. Further, you will also not worry about the work getting hampered once the inverter is installed at home. There are trustworthy brands such as Luminous, which provide a range of inverters and ensure that you do not face any problem. They offer you with both sine wave and square wave technologies of inverters which are suitable for all kinds of requirements.

You can explore their options of inverters online and choose the best fit for your home.



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