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Homage UPS In Pakistan

We all know that summer is just around the corner and people are looking for the best UPS / inverters just like Homage for their homes, or maybe thinking of upgrading their UPS. We have observed many brands in the market and this article is based on hands-on experience based on its use.

Difference Between Local UPS and Imported UPS?

When buying a UPS or inverter, many people choose a locally made UPS because it would be easy to install or repair if something fails. In reality, the local ups are using a fairly old technology compared to UPS or other compact UPS. In layman's terms, the main difference between local and imported ups can be explained by comparing the fuel average of a 700cc car to an 1800cc car. Yes, compact (homeage) UPSs perform better because they use a new technology where the transformer size is small, reducing the power loss when converting 12 V DC to 220 AC and vice versa.

When we talk about Homage we want to tell you that the technology used in Homage inverters is up to date and you can get one with the appropriate warranty. On average, a UPS will last 5 to 7 years and a local UPS 1 to 2 years. Another important factor is the life of the battery connected to the UPS. Imported UPSs have a full power outage when the battery is fully charged, and they charge the battery slowly rather than aggressively, which destroys the battery life in the long term. A good battery can last up to 3 years with an imported UPS. Homegae UPS Pakistan


Using the Homage UPS will extend battery life and reduce power outages during the renovation. This contributes to a better backup time and a smoother handling of the average load. For detailed specifications from Homage click here.

However, there is good news that,973 MW of electricity has been added to our national network, but the importance of UPS in Pakistan cannot be ignored.

Are you planning to set up your ups?

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If you're wondering how to save electricity, check out the infographics attached below and see if you can use your devices smartly.

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