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Electricity is essential in our lives because all domestic gadgets and industrial machines require it to function. Electricity is required for the operation of essential appliances such as fans and chimneys and electronics such as televisions, air conditioners, smartphones, and other electronic devices. However, frequent power outages in some areas have made us recognise the need for a backup power supply to keep these gadgets working. For years, we relied on generators for power backup, but with technology progressing rapidly, inverters have arisen as a capable power backup option.

The performance of an inverter is improved by its battery and extends its life. Battery is one of the most important components of an power backup unit. Therefore, one must focus on selecting the best battery for inverter based on its compatibility with your inverter.

You will find multiple inverter batteries available for your inverter. Here are three types of battery you can choose from:

GEL Battery
Flat-Plate Battery
Tubular Plate Battery

Out of these three, tubular batteries are the most popular ones:


A tubular plate battery offers benefits like- improved efficiency, enhanced operational life, and is quite low maintenance. There are two types of tubular plate batteries:

It is the best inverter battery for areas that face regular and frequent power cuts and need power backup for a more extended period.

A short tubular inverter battery is designed to provide long power backup in small areas.


Same Ah tubular battery gives more backup compared to a flat battery or gel battery under the same load conditions.
The life of a tubular battery is more than a flat plate battery.
They contain more electrolyte (water), which means more backup.
These are ideal for places with long power cuts.


It is more expensive than a flat plate battery.
They are a bit heavy when compared to a flat plate or gel battery

Flat Plate Batteries:

Do you have to deal with power outages on a regular basis? The flat plate inverter batteries for household use have better backup and long life. This inverter battery is designed to give your electronic devices and home appliances an uninterrupted power source during power outages. These are some of the best batteries for inverter because they are 100 per cent recyclable and environment-friendly if handled properly. In addition, it’s the best battery for inverter as it is lightweight and smaller in size.


Flat plate batteries are the fastest charging battery.
They are pocket friendly and lightweight for easy mobility.
These batteries are best for areas with frequent but short power cuts.


They have a shorter life span than a tubular battery.
They also contain fewer electrolytes in comparison to a tubular battery.

Gel Batteries:

If you have to buy the best battery for inverter, you should buy it from reputed brands. Luminous Gel inverter battery for the house has no risk of spilling. You will not have to worry about it because it does not need to be topped up with water or maintained. Luminous offers a line of gel batteries that provide 20% more power and remain consistent throughout their service life. The ideal inverter battery for home usage is a maintenance-free GEL battery with constant output and longer life.


It does not require any water top up and is 100% maintenance-free.
Release significantly fewer gases, which are harmful to living beings, maintains the performance level throughout the entire battery life.
The containers are sealed, so least possibility of any leakage.


They are expensive in comparison to a flat plate or tubular plate battery.

Looking at these pros and cons, one can choose the best battery for inverter from reputed brands like Luminous. They have a comprehensive range of all three variants, which you can explore.

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