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Ginlong Solis launched its new residential Solis Energy Storage Inverter at SPI for solar-plus-battery systems.

Designed for flexibility and performance, Ginlong’s intelligent hybrid platform offers seven models, all featuring the latest safety components and dynamic MPPTs to ensure maximum ROI.

The Solis smart home solution is compatible with BYD and LG Chem batteries. Its other features include:

Maximize self-consumption with design flexibility

7 Models (5 kW, 6 kW, 7 kW, 7.6 kW, 8 kW, 9 kW, 10 kW)
3 operating modes (self-consumption; time-of-use; off-grid back-up)
Flexible system design with 2 MPPTs and 4 DC inputs
Compatible with 120 V-500 V lithium batteries with maximum discharge up to 7,000 W

Ensure safety and code compliance

Built-in Sunspec MLRSD signal transmitter
Ready for UL 1741 Rule 21, Phase 1-3
NEMA-4X for best protection in our class
UPS ensures AC backup for up to 6 kW of continuous power and 7 kVA of peak power

Boost system efficiency

Best-in-class 1.4 DC/AC ratio for greater system yield
Wide MPPT voltage range allows for solid energy harvest throughout the day
Conversion efficiency exceeding 98%

Smart system / strong returns

Programmable energy management maximizes self-consumption
Time of use shifting and peak shaving capabilities
Optional WiFi, cellular and revenue grade metering

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