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Delhi discom wins the award for the nation's first network-sized battery storage system –

New Delhi: Power outage Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) has won the CII Industrial Innovation Award for the development of the country's first grid-sized battery storage system (BESS) in Rohini, the state capital, a company spokesman said on Saturday. The 10 MWh mega inverter set up in Rohini can supply around 2,500 "special customers" who offer important services such as hospitals, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Metro and schools.

The electricity stored by BESS can also be used during outages or in situations like grid failure, he said.

After Rohini, a similar facility will be built in Rani Bagh in north Delhi, and there are plans to have similar but smaller facilities in every neighborhood in the future, the spokesman said.

TPDDL was recognized by the CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2020 for the development of South Asia's largest network-scale battery storage system in cooperation with AES and Mitsubishi in the "Top 25 Innovative Company" category.

"BESS is India's first battery-based grid-scale energy storage system and plays an important role in modernizing the city's electrical grid and improving grid efficiency," the spokesman said.

Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO of TPDDL, recently received the award during a virtual ceremony and said, "Our groundbreaking innovations such as BESS can handle the peak load of electricity demand in the summer and help balance the load curve."

The BESS uses Li-ion batteries (nickel and cobalt oxide) with the support of & # 39; Advancion & # 39; technology to run the facility seamlessly.

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