China 9KW 48V Hybrid Bidirectional Three Part Photo voltaic Inverter From International Sources, 9KW Hybrid Inverter, Hybrid Three Part Inverter, 9KW Hybrid Bidirectional Photo voltaic Inverter – International Sources

Prostar MixSolar Series 9KW-12KW three phase hybrid bidirectional solar inverter that uses solar power, AC power and battery power source for continuous power supply. It is built into an isolating transformer that provides galvanic isolation to not only protect against electric shock between the earth and the live conductors, but also to suppress electrical interference to equipment and laboratory instruments. It is a simple and intelligent solar power storage system that allows home users either to store energy in the battery bank and wait for nightly use, or to allow the user to wait for Selt to be consumed first and feed excess electricity back into the grid as needed.

Product features:
1. Pure sine wave output
2. Built-in 180A MPPT solar charge controller
3. Built-in isolation transformer
4. Self-consumption and feeding into the grid
5. Several operating modes: network connection, standalone and network connection with backup
6. Programmable supply priority for PV, battery or grid
7. LCD display panel for comprehensive information
8. The user adjustable battery charging current is suitable for different battery types
9. Green replacement for generators
10. Set up a zero feed to the grid
11. WIFI / GPS for real-time status display and control
12. Cold start function
13. Parallel operation up to 3 units (optional)

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