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Begin-up repurposing outdated EV batteries will get federal funds for industrial trial – Sydney Morning Herald

A cutting-edge Melbourne company will receive federal funding to repurpose electric vehicle batteries to store power on commercial and industrial sites across Australia, helping keep the lights on while reducing battery costs.

Start-up Relectrify will install 20 commercial-scale repurposed batteries from EVs at various locations across the country, paving the way for the broader rollout of its advanced battery management system and inverter solution.

Relectrify co-founder Daniel Crowley. The Melbourne startup will receive federal funding to recondition spent electric vehicle batteries to store power on commercial and industrial sites.Credit:Justin McManus

The technology can provide backup power for farms, microgrids, and weak rural networks. It can also be used in solar integration, community battery storage for residential solar, to boost EV charging capacity and as a potential replacement for diesel generators.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will provide $1.49 million towards the $3.3 million project producing commercial-scale batteries roughly ten times the size of a Tesla Powerwall 2, providing a cost-effective form of storage for use in commercial and industrial settings.

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