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The OneBox from the Indian manufacturer Vision Mechatronics consists of a lithium battery, a hybrid inverter and a solar charge controller in order to offer a "problem-free" solution for emergency power supply in the event of a power failure. Solar roof owners are offered a grid feed function to maximize the net metering income from excess electricity.

March 2nd 2020

OneBox, the DIY solar hybrid solution.

Image: Vision Mechatronics

Diesel generators are the most common means of electricity Backup in case of power outages in India, but not only loud and polluting, but also the most expensive means of alternative electricity. Such devices have an operation Efficiency of only 25% requires frequent maintenance and brings with it diesel storage requirements and fears of diesel theft.

Vision Mechatronics from Maharashtra has installed a grid-interactive energy storage system based on lithium batteries in connection with a solar system on the roof in South Delhi.

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