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Are you planning to buy an inverter battery for your home? If yes, it is important that you consider certain factors before investing in one. As every household has a different power requirement, so you have to choose your inverter battery accordingly.

Battery is the heart of any power backup system. Depending on its use, performance, maintenance, and upkeep, you may need to be replace the battery of an inverter twice or more during its lifetime. Heat and repeated charging and discharging cause the battery to age or wear out. Nonetheless, a battery’s lifespan can be extended with a few simple maintenance tips and tricks. It is advisable that you purchase the inverter battery from a reputed and a trusted manufacturer.

To help you with the same, here’s a list of factors that you need to consider:

Capacity of the Battery

An inverter system’s battery is its base. The efficiency of the battery has a big impact on the inverter’s output and lifespan. “How much backup will an inverter provide?” is the next big question. The backup hours are determined by the battery capacity, which is measured in Ampere hours.

Formula for calculating Battery capacity is:

Power requirement (in watts) Multiplied by Back up hours / Battery Voltage (in volts).

Life Cycle of the Battery

Another critical factor to consider when purchasing an inverter battery is the battery’s lifecycle – the number of charge/discharges cycles a battery goes through in its lifetime. It’s determined by how much of the battery’s capacity is used over time.

Warranty Period and Installation

Another thing to look into is an inverter battery’s warranty period. Batteries usually come with a warranty of two to three years. You must also consider the space needed for the inverter and battery to be installed.

If you buy a lead acid inverter battery, for example, you must keep it in a well-ventilated area. The area should also be accessible from a maintenance standpoint. Inverters are commonly installed in storage rooms and kitchens, which must be avoided at all costs.

After-Sales Service

You don’t want to buy inverter batteries from a company that provides no or poor after-sales service. Batteries and inverters are appliances that experts should handle, so it’s best to delegate maintenance. Look for brands that have a large footprint and an extensive service network.

Types of Inverter Batteries in the Market:

GEL Battery

It is a valve-regulated, maintenance-free lead-acid battery. These batteries are highly efficient and versatile. These batteries are spill-proof and do not corrode easily. They’re perfect for applications that require a lot of cycling.

Tubular Battery

This battery is much more powerful, lasts longer, can store more energy, and has a longer run time. When compared to flat-plate batteries, these batteries are extremely reliable.

Flat-Plate Battery

Because of the large surface area of the plates, a flat-plate battery is similar to a lead-acid battery and is a good choice for instant high-current applications. When compared to tubular-plate batteries, these batteries are less expensive and provide good electrical performance.


The Way Forward

The type of output you get will vary dramatically depending on the inverter battery you use, so selecting the best inverter battery is important. There are many different kinds of inverter batteries on the market and choosing the right one for your inverter can be difficult.

Keep in mind your power requirements and your budget. Reputed brands like Luminous offer some of the most durable inverter batteries. Luminous inverter batteries are ideal for long and regular power outages. A Luminous inverter battery is an excellent option for running electric devices and home appliances during long power outages. With an exceptional warranty period, great life cycles, and excellent load capacity, these inverter batteries are made to last long. Check out the Luminous website or visit a nearby store to explore their vast range of inverter batteries.

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