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IIrregular power supply or frequent blackouts are widespread in India – be it in the cities or in the small villages. Daily chores can be difficult to cope with in such situations, so a household power backup system is essential. An inverter is an ideal choice for your home as it provides an uninterruptible power supply to run devices during such an outage.

There are many inverters available on the market today. You can buy the best inverter based on your power backup needs. There are certain factors that you should consider when purchasing an inverter, such as battery type, battery capacity; It is important to choose a quality product. Reliable brands like Luminous have a wide selection on their website that allows you to check inverter prices online from the comfort of your home. They offer the best inverters made with the latest technology.

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An inverter will help you when faced with power fluctuations in your home. It supplies your household appliances with sufficient power. It is important to know your home's electricity needs in order to choose an inverter. These requirements vary from house to house. In addition to the online check of the inverter price, other important factors also play a role in the selection.

We have put together such factors that will help you choose the best inverter for your home.

Power requirement

You should know your home's electricity needs as it is one of the critical factors in choosing the most suitable inverter for you. Calculate the daily usage of your electrical appliances and devices that you want to operate during a power outage. It can include your kitchen equipment, fan, CFL / LED lights, TVs, and tube lights. Your total power requirement is the sum of the power consumption of all devices at home. That is peak load. Well, most of the time not all devices would run at the same time if there was a power failure. Find out the devices you want to run concurrently during a power outage. This value indicates an average operating load.

ConverterYou should know your home's electricity needs. AmazonInverter capacity

After you have calculated the peak load and the average running load in watts, convert them to VA. The power of a home inverter is typically between 600VA and 1500VA. To know your VA power, you can divide the average operating load by the power factor. The power factor can be defined as the efficiency of an inverter operating at 0.8 pf.

It is advisable to buy your inverter with a higher VA output in order to have more space for later load expansion.

Battery type and capacity

A battery is the heart of your inverter. The lifespan and performance of your inverter depend on the quality and type of battery you choose. The battery of your inverter is responsible for the power supply, which is stated in Ah (ampere-hours). For households, a battery capacity of 80 Ah to 220 Ah is required depending on the time for which the backup is required. There are 3 types of batteries available: Flat, Tube and SMF Batteries. Flat batteries are cheaper, tube batteries have a longer lifespan and are more efficient, while SMF batteries do not require maintenance.

InverterIt is advisable to invest in pure sine wave inverters for better performance. AmazonInverter output

The output of your inverter is different for a pure sine wave, a quasi-sine wave and a square wave. You should know what type of waveform is needed for optimal efficiency. It is advisable to invest in a pure sine wave inverter to get better performance from your home appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, kitchen appliances and TVs. If you want to run light electrical devices like fans and lamps at home, you can opt for a square wave inverter. Sine wave inverters supply household appliances with grid-like electricity in the event of a power failure and are somewhat more expensive than square-wave inverters with a similar nominal output. Reputable brands like Luminous offer a range of the best inverters in all waveforms to suit your needs.

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With technological advances, the inverter was also upgraded. From smart inverters that can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to advanced digital displays that show the real-time information of bridging time and battery charging time, it has improved a lot. There are safety functions such as the input MCB, which protects against short circuits, and the grid bypass switch, which helps to bypass the inverter if a fault occurs in the inverter without charging the cable connections. Choose the inverter that best suits your needs.

Choose the best inverter for your home

It is important to consider these factors when purchasing an inverter for your home. When buying an inverter for your home, give preference to reliable brands like Luminous, which have a range of inverters with the latest technology. Besides checking the price online, you can explore the collection of sine and square waves according to your needs.

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